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Linux Security Using Iptables

Question: Talk about the Linux Security Using Iptables. Answer: Presentation All the IT frameworks associated in the web are consistently under different dangers. Linux servers are utilized for the greater part of the electronic application facilitating purposes. Thus Linux online servers are under genuine security danger consistently. Equipment firewalls are utilized to forestall security penetrates in the system. Equipment firewalls got their own burdens. The can't illuminate all the firewall destinations. IPTables is the product firewall utilized in a large portion of the Linux working frameworks (Baki Billah Rahman, 2013). A concise report about the IPTables will be finished. Different arrangements will be done in IPTables and the designs are tried. Principle uses and impediments will be talked about later. Significance of IPTables Firewall The IPTables observes some arrangement rules dependent on some arrangement of approaches. At the point when information demand comes the principles will be checked and correspondence way will be controlled dependent on the guidelines. IPTable will check the source and goal IP addresses, mentioned administration convention, term and numerous different things. Every one of these subtleties will be checked for any appropriate match in the standards. On the off chance that the match is there, at that point the activity characterized in the IPTables will be finished. In any case default decides will apply to that information move correspondence (Bauer, 2005). Establishment of IP Tables Kali Linux is introduced in a virtual server. Introduced I P tables utilizing the accompanying order. The current guidelines of the IP tables will be drilled down utilizing the accompanying order. The structure of the chain strategies are as per the following. Posting current guidelines To check the current guidelines of the IPTables rules utilize the accompanying order. Default INPUT, OUTPUT, Forward guidelines will be appears as follows (7.4. FORWARD and NAT Rules, 2016). To dispose of the current standards (Not default rules) and to restart the firewall Arrangement of IPT IPTable Firewall Dismissing all ssh bundles. This standard is to square SSH bundles from any IP or IP ranges (How To List and Delete Iptables Firewall Rules | DigitalOcean, 2016). Iptables - l INPUT s p tcp dport ssh j REJECT Tried SSH access from to the server and got association rejected outcome (HowTos/Network/IPTables - CentOS Wiki, 2016) On the off chance that we check the logs of the IPTables Permitting ssh remote associations Disposed of the current IPTable guidelines. The accompanying standard permits the SSH associations from outside (iptables - Debian Wiki, 2016). For active ports, the accompanying guideline permits SSH association (iptables - Debian Wiki, 2016) Square ping To obstruct the PING reactions (XenServer et al., 2016) # reverberation 1/proc/sys/net/ipv4/icmp_echo_ignore_all To square ping for all time the accompanying order needs to go to/and so forth/sysctl.conf net.ipv4.icmp_echo_ignore_all = 1 To set these progressions without rebooting the framework # sysctl p Reject all traffic coming to port 80 This is predominantly utilized in web servers where the administration port for web administrations is 80. To dismiss web administration demand at port 80. Square approaching traffic association with your IP address of your virtual machine. The accompanying standard will obstruct all the approaching associations with IP Address of Iptables - An INPUT - I eth0 - s - j DROP Square all the approaching interface particles from a particular MAC address Square all the approaching interface particles from a particular MAC address and a port Permit traffic coming to port 80 (inbound) yet dismiss traffic going out (outbound) through port 80. Testing IPTables To begin the genuine testing process, right off the bat introduced all the iptables in the working framework Kali Linux. At that point, checked the principles present in the firewall, in the wake of finishing the checks guaranteed to spare and reestablish the current standards as a book document. When this procedure is finished, all the necessary tests can be begun. The point to be recalled is that, before carryout any test the past test rules must be erased (Iptables Essentials: Common Firewall Rules and Commands | DigitalOcean, 2016) (IptablesHowTo - Community Help Wiki, 2016). The main test is done for dismissing all the SSH parcels. So as to finish this test ifconfig language is utilized. This will be useful to make association with the interior system. So once the association is built up, on the goal port 22 the tcp parcels must be dismissed. Further, ensured that the line number and the principles coordinate with one another. To check whether the test is finished effectively, utilize another framework with an alternate IP address and check whether the association works or not. On the off chance that, on the off chance that the association is dismissed by the host, at that point it implies that the test is effectively finished and it has dismissed all the SSH parcels. As referenced before, guarantee to erase the recently utilized standards. This test is completed to set up ssh association. The absolute initial step of this test will be to acknowledge the tcp parcels from the goal port 22. At that point utilize another framework with an alternate IP address and check whether the association works or not. In the event that, on the off chance that the association is acknowledged by the host, at that point it implies that the test is effectively finished and it has acknowledged the SSH association if not the association has fizzled. From the past test, erase all the recently utilized principles. This test is completed to check whether an association is built up and ready to ping the other framework with various IP address. The initial step of this test will be to dismiss the icmp parcels for denying the ping. In the wake of dismissing the icmp parcels check whether it is conceivable to ping the other IP address framework or not. Erase all the recently utilized guidelines from the past test. This test is done to check the dismissal of traffic from the port 80. The initial step of this test will dismiss the traffic that originates from the port 80. At that point the following is to check whether the site server is introduced. In the event that the site server is introduced, at that point the site page will be associated from another framework with an alternate IP address and if not the port 80 is dismissing all the traffic originating from it. Erase all the recently utilized principles from the past test. This test is completed to check whether all the traffic is blocked or not. The initial step of this test will be to drop all the inner access from the host. At that point utilize another framework with an alternate IP address for pinging the host machine. Along these lines, it shows whether the traffic association is blocked or not. Erase all the recently utilized guidelines from the past test. This test is completed to check whether the port 80 has become a single direction traffic port. The initial step of this test will be to dismiss all the traffic that goes out and roll in from the port 80. Subsequent stage is to utilize another framework with an alternate IP address and the host machine for testing whether it is conceivable to associate with the web server or not. On the off chance that, if the host machine neglects to get the association and if the other framework with an alternate IP address has effectively settled association then it implies that the port 80 has become a single direction traffic port. More Details about IPTable Firewalls, Merits and Demerits It got parcel of points of interest. The ipchains configuration is dropped totally and another engineering is actualized called as Netfilier. It gives an unmistakable measured plan. It makes a solid extension. It accomplishes a NAT.ipchains that is dynamic in nature. These NAT.ipchains are essentially addresses that are veiled as various sets. It helps in accomplishing client separating. It helps in accomplishing MAC. It helps in accomplishing a genuine separating process that relies upon the state. It helps in accomplishing the traveling rate cutoff of a parcel. It helps the iptables of Linux with free firewall devices. What's more, it gives open source that is liberated from cost. On the off chance that, on the off chance that the setting of the product firewall is fixed, at that point it works viably. The IP layer and the TCP layers are utilized for channel. It is adaptable. Association following is a significant component. Different ports can be controlled in both approaching jus t as active associations. One lot of IP range can be permitted or dismissed. Application and port level permit/dismiss likewise conceivable (Jang, 2009). IPchains got - l banner to log the movement. IPTables don't have it. IP disguising which is bolstered by ipchains isn't upheld by iptables (Man page of IPTABLES, 2016). For high pocket rates low execution is watched. It is hard to keep up and got less execution. IPTables got just two kind of exercises. Match and log is the first. Match and drop is the subsequent one. The firewalls that are equipment based are costly. It is hard for the client with less spending plans to buy the equipment based firewall (Negus Caen, 2008).It is hard to settle security issues. The standards are set by the iptables for controlling the information parcels get to. It influences the system traffic. The table of rules may be huge and entangled. In the event that the multifaceted nature builds, at that point it gets hard for testing. It will contain numerous escape clauses because of complexities and complex principles. It relies upon a solitary segment for securing the framework. The bundle sifting can simp ly help in avoidance of the IP double dealing. One can utilize the port module for setting the rundown of ports. One can utilize organize information stream for choosing the principles for the various system interfaces. One can guarantee to maintain a strategic distance from the misleading guideline of the source address. One can stop the high progression of the information in explicit ports Circuit Relay Firewall It won't offer start to finish association however it transfers the TCP associations between interior circuit and outside circuit. When associating with outer system there will be an intermediary before firewall. Intermediary changes the IP locations of the inward circuits to the outer world. Outside world can see just the IPs of the intermediary. Along these lines the inner IPs are spared. The circuit level firewall underpins applications. It goes about as a door with the assistance

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Northern States Power Essay Example For Students

Northern States Power Essay An innovator in todays monetary world, Northern StatesPower (NSP) is perceived for its exceptional performancein both directed and nonregulated activities. Its regulatedoperation serves more than 2,000,000 electric and gascustomers in Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, SouthDakota, Arizona, and Michigan (NSP InvestorsOverview 1). Its administrative centers are situated in Minneapolis,Minnesota, and the Chairman, President and ChiefExecutive Officer (CEO) is Mr. James J. Howard III(Howard 1). Its Viking Gas Transmission CompanySubsidiary claims and works a 500-mile normal gaspipeline (NSP Investors Overview 1). Northern StatesPower is one of the countries driving vitality organizations withcompetitive rates, responsive assistance, and trustworthy andreliable vitality. A relationship with NSP begans when theysign up for administrations with them; in addition, when you chooseto live in a specific region. A portion of the realities about NSP areservices/individuals, benefit, rates, and wellsprings of power,standings, emergency treatment/wellbeing, Y2K, merger, and about howthey help inside the network. In North Dakota, NSPprovides administration to in excess of 80,000 electric customersand 30,000 gas clients in Fargo, Grand Forks, Minot,and many encompassing networks (NSP NorthernDakota 1). They have served in these networks for over80 years (Northern States Power Energy Wise 2). Bypowering the world, NSP carries vitality to (Howard 6): ?The global markets where we work together ? Thecommunities near and dear where we contribute time andmoney ? To clients, who have ever-expanding energyneeds and decisions ? To workers, who make the energywork ? Lastly, to youthe shareholderswho haveplaced trust in them The 24th consecutive year straight to markgrowth for NSP was 1998. Northern States Powerscommon stocks are exchanged on three distinctive exchanges:New York Stock, Chicago Stock, and Pacific Stock. Itsticker tape image is NSP. Paper stock tables listNSP Company as N oStPw, NoStPwr, or NSPw (NSP Investors Overviews 2). Northern States Power and itssubsidiaries detailed procuring of $52.3 million or 34 pennies ashare, for the principal quarter of 1999. Working income forthe quarter was up 6 percent to $743.2 million. Warmerweather, expanded support, and Y2K PC workis the reason for the diminished procuring (NSP First-quarter). Points of interest to being an enlisted investor are (NSP Investors review 2): ? Profit checks are sent directlyto you, stored in the back record you assign, ormaybe reinvested in the organization as you pick ? Youmay buy extra stock (through dividendreinvestment and discretionary speculation plans) with little or nofees ? You may store your offer testaments with thecompany for protection in the event that you pursue the DividendReinvestment Program ? Investor organization mailingswill be sent legitimately to your location Electricity is anextremely value unstable product. The cost of on-peakelectricity on 15 April 1998 went from $20 permegawatt-hour to $38 per megawatt-hour. Competitiveprices work well for us today. Be that as it may, turns into an even greateradvantage in a serious market (Howard 3). In tryingto look at changed electrical Service Companies, I talkedwith my Uncle, Edward Schiele, from Karlsruhe, NorthDakota. I asked him what his month to month electric bill averages and he said it is between $100 to $115 per month during thewinter months. Verendrye Electric Cooperative out ofVelva, North Dakota, administrations Karlsruhe with its electricalneeds. Karlsruhe is a provincial network of around 150-200people (Schiele, Edward). Our families electrical serviceneeds are adjusted by NSP. My Mother, Virginia Schiele,said our last electrical bill was just $41.49. That is a bigdifference from my uncles bill. Moreover, my mom toldme that when we lived in Holiday Village Trailer Court wewere overhauled by Verendrye Electric and the bill averagedaround $80 every month in the winter (Schiele, Virginia). Across North Dakota theyre a wide range of electricalcompanies. Power from other service organizations can costup to 63 percent more than from Northern States Power. In checking nine distinct organizations, they went from$72.50 per month with Cass County Electric to NorthernStates Power at $49.68. Northern States Power has thelowest electric rates for Northern Dakota clients. Ifyoure searching for the best worth, it unquestionably is NorthernStates Power (Northern States Power Energy Wise 2). There is consistently a test on vitality evaluating. In recentyears, numerous organizations have investigated co-age. Thatis outfitting vitality from the overabundance heat delivered inmanufacturing (Brauer 2). Northern States Power isinvesting in inexhaustible wellsprings of intensity. It is examining theuse of sunlight based, wind, and biomass vitality sources and howthey fit into our empowers future needs (Northern StatesPower Company Home 2). During the seventh Century, theancient Persians were accepted to have manufactured the firstwindmill. The prior windmills utilize driving siphons orgrindstones to create power. Todays windmills useblades and were at one time a typical sight on American farms(NSP Renew Wind 1). Wind turbines, the moderncounterpart of windmills, drive electric generators. Aturbine, introduced on a pinnacle, has three cutting edges with arotor distance across of 160 feet. Towers normal 100 to 175feet tall (NSP Renew Wind 1). A turbine works underthe same head a s a plane wings. Lift is the power thatpulls the sharp edges wanting the straight movement into rotationalmotion that drives an electric generator. It takes 67 to 200wind turbines to create 100 megawatts of electricity(NSP Renew Wind 2). Likewise with all wellsprings of generation,NSP looks to limit the preferred position and limit thedisadvantages. They pick organizations who can providethe most recent, most savvy innovation and select sitesidentified through broad research as the windiest territory. Grammatical features Analysis EssayNorthern States Powers activity after this occurrence was toplace security cones just five feet separated (Horsfall). NorthernStates Power goes universal when they went into adefinitive merger concurrence with the Denver, Colorado,based New Century Energies (NSP New Release 1). The two utilities organizations intend to make the nationsthird-biggest service organization adjusting admirably more than three millioncustomers in the Untied Sates and 2,000,000 customersinternationally. The new yet to be named organization willstretch from the Canadian outskirt to Mexico with a strongglobal nearness in the Untied Kingdom, Central Europe,Australia, and South America (Padley 1). The merger isexpected to bring about a net investment funds throughout the following multi year ofover $1.1 billion. Also, it is required to be without atax, stock-for-stock trade for investors ofboth organizations. This merger readies the new companyfor where the business is going and not where it is todaywhich is imperative to clients of things to come (NSP NewRelease 3). Working with retirees and their families, NSPworks to improve the personal satisfaction in our networks. They bolster neighborhood and national activities and providedirect support for any contribution with schools, students,and network based associations (NSP Community 1 2). Northern States Power bolsters a wide assortment ofcommunity based projects (NSP Community 1 2): ?Education Partnerships ? Occasion Support ? EnergyEducation K-12 ? Schedule Contest K-6 ? NonprofitBoard Participation ? Force Plant Tours ? SpeakersBureau ? Volunteerism most of these projects arebased in the Minneapolis and St Paul, Minnesota, region; butyou can contact any NSP office to perceive what administrations areavailable in your general vicinity. You can likewise demand additionalinformation at emailprotected (NSP Community1). To summarize things, it has been said NSP is the vitality tomake things occur. In crunching the numbers, I found that lookingat the administrations/individuals, wellsprings of intensity, rates, profits,Y2K, people group association, and merger data thatyou cant turn out badly in pickin g NSP on the off chance that you live in thereserving territory. Northern States Power is the best worth fouryour moneyany cash doesn't go the extent that it use to. Clients who arrive electrical and gas needs fromNSP or anybody of their auxiliaries are really the victors intodays world and getting their monies worth. Works CitedBrauer, David. NSPs Grass-Roots Political Strategy.Corporate Report Minnesota, Mar 94, Vol. 25, Issue 3,P40, 1p Deliver System Construction Field Operations. Month to month Performance Update. January 1999 Howard,James J. III. 1998 Shareholders Annual Meeting. On the web. Microsoft Explorer. Web. 22 March 1999. Available: Valley Line Constructors Apprenticeship. FirstAid. September 1993 NSP Biomass. On the web. MicrosoftExplorer. Web. 25 March 1999. Available: NSP Community Involvement. On the web. Microsoft Explorer. Web. 22 March 1999. Available: NSP Environmental Initiaitives. On the web. Microsoft Explorer. Web. 22 March 1999. Available: NSP First-quarterEarning Cut. Minot Daily News 16 April 1999: B6 NSP News Release. On the web. Microsoft Explorer. Web. 25March 1999. Available NSP News Release. On the web. Microsoft Explorer. Web. 26March 1999. Available NSP NorthDakota. On the web. Microsoft Explorer. Web. 22 March1999. Accessible NSP Renew Wind. On the web. Microsoft Explorer. Web. 25March 1999. Available: NSP Solar. On the web. Microsoft Explorer. Web. 25 March 1999. Accessible: States Power Investors Overview. On the web. Microsoft Explorer. Web. 22 March 1999. Available: 2100layout=7 Northern StatesPower Energy Wise (Publication for NSP Customers)

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July Questions Omnibus 1

July Questions Omnibus 1 Daniel wrote, Any idea what date the application for 07 will come out? The website just says July We expect to receive this years paper application within the next week or so, and will have it on hand to distribute to on campus visitors. Shortly after that, we will begin mailing the application to more than 30,000 students across the country. If you have registered for MyMIT and live in the US, you should receive your application by the end of the month. As for the online application which is how most people apply these days it should be online in early August. - Visali wrote, Can you explain why MIT is very selective? I know that its the one of the most selective colleges in the US. I know applicants have to show their passion for MIT and their true personality. Among the applicants who love MIT and show high passion, how does MIT choose? Of course, the applicants are judged by their ACT and/or SAT scores, essays, recommendations and etc. Where is the line that seperates the accepted from the rejected? What we look for above all else is the match with MITs mission and culture. You can read more about our process and the match at this entry or on this page at MyMIT. - Claire wrote, Does MIT give any admissions weight to those wishing to major in a field that is not innately techical, such as Comparative Media Studies, Writing and Humanistic Studies, or History? When you apply to MIT, you dont apply to a specific department, but rather to MIT as a whole. And when we admit a student, we admit that student to all of MIT, and at the conclusion of freshman year, that student may choose from any of MITs majors, regardless of what was written on the application. This means that every student we admit we know can do the work in both MITs science math core (9 classes in math, science, engineering and technology) as well as the HASS requirement (8 classes in humanities, arts, and social science). So in short, no, we dont weight specific majors. - Edwin wrote, I had applied last year to MIT but without the subject tests.I was not accepted ,but now that my SAT2s are available and are three unlike next years class,would you consider me for this years class?i am from kenya. If you havent enrolled in a bachelors degree program, and you apply again, we will absolutely consider you for freshman admission this year. - Gary wrote, What about TOEFL mid 50% score range? We only know that the minimum is 570, 600 to be competitive. Also, when will we be able to see the Registrars Office data for 2006-2007? I dont have the TOEFL mid 50% range, but if you have at least 100/250/600 (iBT/CBT/PBT), I wouldnt worry about it one bit. The Registrars Office will update their statistics sometime after the census date, which is usually in early October. - Miguel wrote, PLEASE HELP ME AS PROMTLY AS POSSIBLE!!!!!! Hey whats up?? Im a dominican boy who wants to get into MIT after finishing highschool. Currently Im in the investigation process but i want some help about deciding whether to apply for MIT or just dont. One of my main concerns is how good is my accademcal education up to this point versus the one you need to be a succesfull student at MIT. Im a good student at highschool and Im starting my senior year on August 28th. How tough is the academic demand on MITs AeroAStro school??? because Im thinking of studying to be an astronaut or something related. Another thing I would like to Know is: What programs has the aeroastro school for people that have just finished highscool??? Another area area Im Interested in is in Mechanical engineering and I hope that somebody can help me with this and other important questions that Ihave about the Institute. PLEASE SOMEBODY HELP ME AS PROMPTLY AS POSSIBLE!!!! Miguel, first of all, relax. If youre as stressed out as your text makes you seem, I honestly recommend a trip to the beach or the woods to think about the big picture. Theres no need to stress about this! =) Next, to address your questions: if youre generally interested in MIT and Aero/Astro, I would encourage you to apply to MIT and see what happens. I also encourage you to read through old posts on my blog and others, and read the MyMIT website, and the general MIT website to learn more. Here are some links for you to discover more about the Aero/Astro departments undergraduate program and the Mechanical Engineering departments undergraduate program. Also, as a prospective Dominican engineering student, you may be interested in the Society Of Hispanic Professional Engineers at MIT. I hope this is helpful! - Anonymous wrote, Hi Matt! I would like to know when wheather we would know about the number the applications per country and/or the number of acceptance and/or enrollment. You can find enrollment data from the Registrar; thats the best I can do for you. Enjoy! - Stefan wrote, Romania does not have an MIT Educational Counselor and my question is that if can be done something about this because i want to increase my chances to MIT as much as i can and also to express my needs and what i really want from my life which MIT can help me to achieve. So if will be a way to introduce MIT EC in Romania how and when. MIT has an EC in Cluj-Napoca. You will receive information about this later in the fall on the MyMIT website. - anshuman wrote, Do AP exams give an edge in the application process? I am from India where AP is not recognized by Indian universities. Secondly, isnt early action applicable for students from India?Thirdly, i have heard that MIT asks prospective students to write thesis for journalsis it true? To answer your questions, one at a time 1) We hope that students will take a challenging courseload from the opportunities provided to them. For students who have the opportunity to take AP courses, it can be a very good way to pursue that challenging courseload. However, we do not expect students who dont have the opportunity to take AP courses to have taken them. We will consider each applicant within the context of the opportunities provided to them. 2) Students who are not US citizens or permanent residents should apply during the regular action process; we consider all international students together in the same process. 3) We do not expect prospective students to write thesis papers (some current MIT students, though, must write thesis papers for their department). Most students who are admitted to MIT have not performed any formal scientific research prior to coming to MIT. - Anonymous wrote, Are the Boston fireworks televised or taped at all? Yes! You can watch them each year on a nationwide broadcast on CBS. If you missed it, you can get a flavor of it from this YouTube video. - l0ngL wrote, Hey Matt! I am going to purchase a MacBook Pro. Do you know if Apple has any special discount for MIT students specifically? Yes! MIT offers educational discounts for Apple, Dell, HP and Lenovo/IBM computers. Check it out here. - Anonymous wrote, Hi there! I just had a quick question. I know a while ago you said you would answer a bunch of questions that people had in a Questions Omnibus, and I was just wondering if you were going to do that soon or if you already did and I just missed it. Thanks! Nope, you didnt miss it. Ive answer a bunch of recent questions here, but didnt get to many older ones; if theres another question you have that went unanswered, feel free to post it again. Youll notice fewer entries here over the summer, as we admissions folks take vacation time and work on big projects; Im sure you understand that the blogging is a little less frequent this time of year. Until next time! July Questions Omnibus 1 Nicole R asked, What is the policy for supplementary material when applying? Can I send any? Yes. Were happy to accept extra materials if you feel there are things that you did not cover completely in your application. Some common supplements we see would include: recording of your music performance; slides/Powerpoint of your artwork; an additional recommendation from a coach, boss, or community/religious group mentor; a note explaining a special circumstance in your case. anonymous wrote, I am a high school senior from India and thereby an international candidate.I am one of those types who grew in an educational atmosphere (in the family). Ever since childhood I have been dreaming to go to MIT fact go only to MIT. The passion that rides my mind when I think of it cannot be explained in an essay. But I have heard that MIT doesnt like to recieve extra-material like a letter stating why one wants to study there or the optional materials in the application. Is this true. Another thing is that my life revolves around computer science and programming.To pursue my talent I have practically done everything my school has to offer and am also the president of the Computer Club.Actually,what I want to know in a very straightforward manner is:Does MIT really consider ones extra talent and passion for their interests while admitting or is it only the marks on paper and olympiads that get you in. Another issue is related to interviewing in India.Here in India we are interviewed by Mr.Ravi Meattle and unlike MITs procedure of having a lively discussion he conducts a sort of a questionairre session (as told by my seniors) and doesnt really come in contact with the applicants.Now this is a matter which needs to be resolved and I hope you act on it. Anon, those are three good questions. Your first question in answered above. Your second question can be answered simply: yes, your passion and talents count greatly in the MIT Admissions process. Things like marks and test scores also matter, but are less likely to drive a decision. As for your third question, I assure you we are looking into the interviewing in India. I dont know what we will discover, but feel free to address an email to Stu Schmill, Director of the Educational Council, at [emailprotected] zoogies wrote, I plan to visit MIT this summer so am looking forward to the next post. Ive heard that staying overnight is a good idea, and that its best to do that during the school year. Im also wondering if its practical to conduct the admissions interview over the summer I asked someone this once and he mentioned how when it gets close to the deadline and everyone signs up for their interview, interview conductors can barely remember people by the end of the day. I also talked to a person working in the MIT admissions office at a recent college fair I was at, and asked him about my SAT scores. I had always heard that a 680+ would get you in the range, but he said that I should definitely improve my 700 SAT I Math to a 730 or above and that my 800IIC wouldnt make up for it. I feel like I can definitely do better on the SAT were I to retake it, but it is my strong belief that standarized tests are in league of the devil, so I dont want to unless its necessary. At any rate, would a higher math score help my application? How much? Ah, another person with three questions! Its all good, though First question: for students who think MIT is among their top choices, an overnight stay can be helpful. Well begin overnight visits for the fall in late September, probably. You can sign up for that on the MyMIT website. A summer visit can be helpful, too, and for many students/families can be a more convenient option. See my ongoing series on summer visits. Second question: No need to worry about the interview now; I think September is usually a good time to start scheduling your interview. It is definitely a good idea to not wait until the last minute to do the scheduling. You will receive your interview assignment on the MyMIT website. And remember, we dont do on campus interviews, all interviews are conducted by MIT alumni in your home area. Third question: The short answer is, a higher math score could help your application. Without seeing your entire case, its hard to know, because one score by itself doesnt tell me much, but depending on circumstances a higher score could help. For the admitted Class of 2008, the middle 50% of students scored between 730 and 800 on the SAT I Math. Middle 50% statistics for other tests are available on the MyMIT website. If most of your scores are in or close to those ranges, youll probably be okay, and even if theyre not, you might still be okay. Ej wrote, I am very excited to apply to MIT EA and was wondering if you could answer a question I had. I am not a fan of standardized testing and got a 32 on my ACT and 740 on my Math IIC. If I apply EA, will people who have 2300+ SAT I, 800 Math II, and 800 Sci, have a better shot than me? I have such great passion for everything that I do. I feel that numbers will hurt me. Do top scores get first picking? Is it okay as long as I am in your range? It sounds to me that youll be well within our range, and once youre within the range, scores are not a deciding factor. Youd be on equal footing, statistically speaking, with the other students within the range, including those 2400/4.0s. For the students within our range, it is the qualitative and subjective factors that make the difference in being admitted. zoogies wrote (in response to my post about Jo-Jo and Miss Massachusetts), I actually had the opportunity to hear Ms. [Erika] Ebbel [03] speak in person at the Lemelson-MIT InvenTeams showcase June 9th. Not that my school was one of the teams, I was just a spectatorshe gave a really good speech, not the sort of thing you would typically expect out a pageant winnerit made me think how strange it was that people expect those sort of people to be self-centered, dim-witted vanity queens in the first place. A little unrelated, but Im curious as to whether being a management consultant in pharmaceutical industries is related at all to electrical engineeringit doesnt seem like it is. Did she minor in management and then jump to a different field? You dont need any Management courses, actually, to go into popular business fields like management consulting and investment banking. Many of my friends who went into these fields majored in non-business fields, including electrical engineering, physics, aeronautics and astronautics, and more. These companies love to hire very bright people who are good problem solvers, regardless of undergraduate major. They can teach you the business rules, but making good decisions cant be taught as easily. Perfect 800s? wrote, Matt, have you heard of the new show where they get a whole bunch of kids with perfect scores on sections of their SATs and have them compete like in The Scholar on TNT? That should be a pretty interesting show too. I havent heard of it. Can you provide a link? amrik wrote (in response to my post on the Clark medal), Is it similar to the Fields Medal? If so, wow! O_O They are similar in that they 1) both have an upper bound on age, awarding it to only young scholars, 2) are not awarded annually, but on a less frequent basis, and 3) are among the most prestigious awards in their respective fields. Sidra wrote, I was wondering where do you watch hindi films in Boston. Are they shown in movie theatres? I was just curious because I normally rely on tapes from local Indian grocery stores, since they arent shown anywhere around here. Bombay Cinema brings Bollywood films to Boston. They will usually rent screens at the Somerville Theater in Davis Square, which is just 4 subway stops from MIT. Im pretty excited for Salaam Namaste, which opens in Boston on August 26. You can also rent DVDs from local Indian grocers. Just north of MIT in Central Square is the Shalimar market, where I have a membership card and rent videos (my last rental: K3G, which I never saw in theaters). 09!!! wrote, hey did any of you 09s have a problem reading the diagram on question 12 of the math diagnostic (if the tests are all the same) ? it seems the letters are out of placei just assumed B was the 90 angle below A and C the point on the circle where the extension of OB would meet the perimeter??? I emailed the Academic Resource Center about this, and theyre aware of the problem. Your MIT lesson for the day: when theres a problem, go right to the source, which in this case was the ARC. Shikhar wrote, I have a problem regarding my application though,would you be kind enough to answer it. I got a letter from K lowry of RSI. I asked her that I was an international student and that I wanted to take part in RSI but that I was a senior. However, I also told her that I would graduate high school in late june 2006. She said that I would be elligible to apply in her mail. Should I still apply to colleges for fall 2006 or leave it for 2007,assuming I were to apply to RSI. Although i do feel that Im ready to take on college as I would graduate in june 2006. Just thought Id get the opinion of adcomm of my top prority school. P.S. I am an Indian student living in India Shikhar, I would say that while RSI is a great and amazing program, if you are ready to graduate after this year, I would not rearrange my entire life just for the program. RSI only admits a few Indian applicants each year from a large pool of of potential students. While you would certainly get a lot out of a program like RSI if you were admitted, I think that you could get similar benefits from moving on to a university, whether it is MIT or wherever else. aaron asked, how come MIT is ranked [by Princeton Review] among colleges having tiny, unsightly campuses and professors with low marks? The thing you need to know here is that the Princeton Review rankings are done by a not-very-scientific survey of students. So when MIT is ranked among tiny, unsightly campuses, there are a few things you should consider. One thing to think about is which schools students who chose MIT also considered. Compared to, say, Princeton or CalTech, I think few people would call MIT relatively beautiful. Even I admit that most of our so-called peer institutions have prettier campuses than MIT, and I would be honest as such in a survey. Does this mean I would rather MIT have Princetons campus? No. MIT is awesome in its functionality, in the way its architecture supports the collaborative, interdisciplinary environment we strive for here at MIT. MITs buildings are organic, they live along with the institution. Just this weekend a friend who is in graduate school at one of these peer institutions was telling me how while her campus was very pretty, it is the least functional campus ever. Also, MIT does have some truly beautiful places. Its hard to get much more collegiate than Killian Court or Kresge Oval. Garden spaces like the Presidents Courtyard are quite nice, and (biased opinion) Baker House is the most architecturally ingenious dormitory ever built. And while this survey ranks MIT #17 in Professors Get Low Marks, I dont buy it for a second. I thoroughly enjoyed my classes and teachers at MIT. Look at the list: most of the schools are universities with strengths in math/science/engineering do you really think that these schools have the worst teaching, or do you think that theres something else going on here? The biggest clue that this ranking is way off base is that Caltech is ranked #2 on this list. I need to stick up for Caltech here this is simply ridiculous. I seriously doubt there are 355 (out of the 357 this survey ranked) other schools at which I would rather take classes. These rankings also call MIT the #1 Toughest To Get Into. But I dont even know what that means. MIT doesnt have the lowest admission rate, nor does it have the highest average SAT score, or anything like that. Even I wouldnt rank MIT as the toughest to get into. And where is MIT on the lists of School Runs Like Butter, Diverse Student Population, Everyone play intramural sports The bottom line here is that these rankings are completely non-scientific and highly unreliable. Shikhar wrote, I needed to know something and real fast. I am an International from India and Ill be applying to MIT for fall 2006. I need to know whether my school needs to send a predicted report as I would not have given my final exams at the time of applying. When schools (usually international schools) can provide predicted grades, we find it incredibly helpful. Most often we get predicted grades from schools with an IB or A-level curriculum, but also from other schools with other curriculums. nehalita wrote, im trying to e-mail you from here but its not working and you dont have your e-mail up on the new blog, how do we contact you privately? I dont put my email address on my blog, but its pretty easy to figure out. The MIT homepage has a people directory, and if you enter my name, my email address should pop right up. LBizzle wrote (in response to my post introducing Alia Burton), Ooh, a Civil Engineering major. Im thinking about that Any way I can get an email address for her? Id love hear what she has to say about it. Shed love to hear from you. You can address a message to her at [emailprotected] and theyll be sure the message gets to her, or you can (as above) look up her email address in the MIT online directory. Ej wrote (in response to my post introducing Alia Burton), Wow that is cool. I live right outside of Philadelphia and go there a lot. Did you live near Drexel and 30th street station? What were your favorite things about Philadelphia? Are you going home for LIVE 8? Alia replied that she doesnt live near Drexel, and unfortunately couldnt make it back for Live 8, though she though about it. Kiersten wrote (in response to my post introducing Alia Burton), thats cool! How does one become an admissions officer? When asked that, I often respond that Admissions Officers have to have majored in Admissions Science in college, to which the reply is often Really? What colleges have that major? Then I tell them that Im joking. People who are college admissions officers have followed many roads in life. I once worked in e-commerce/e-learning; Ben has also worked in the web industry; Marilee was previously a biology researcher; Bette has a Doctorate in statistics; Stu was once a coach for MITs crew team. But, as in freshman admissions, two things are most important: one, you have to apply, and two, you must be a good fit. What would make someone a good fit for a job in college admissions, and at MIT? Believing in the mission of MIT, to create a better future through science technology; a desire and ability to work with diverse populations of exceptional high school students; strong communication skills; empathy and understanding of the many circumstances, schools and communities from which our appl icants come; and a sense of humor, among many other skills and qualities. You may note that each year we try to hire one or two young MIT alumni to serve as Admissions Officers. This is the position into which Alia and Mike (to be introduced in August), both MIT Class of 2005, were hired. I hope that maybe some of you will apply for this job when you graduate! The series introducing the Admissions Officers will continue this coming week, including myself (yes, were trying to have an entry for everyone) and our new newest Admissions Officer, Bryan N. (not to be confused with Bryan O. 07, who is still a student).

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Sweet Quotes About Love by Famous People

Coo honeyed words of love in your sweethearts ears. Whisper sweet nothings, and watch a smile play on her lips. What is sweet love? Is it infatuation? Or is sweet love an affliction of the heart? Romantic authors and poets have crafted love phrases that make lovers go weak in the knees. These words speak of promise, hope, and beautiful dreams. They echo in the hearts of besotted lovers, reverberating with every heartbeat. Romantic Verses From Famous Writers Read love quotes from Shakespeare. Each romantic quote oozes nectar, and love transcends to a higher form of spirituality. William Wordsworth, Edgar Allan Poe, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, and John Keats are some of the famous romantic poets who wove their words with silken strings of love. They enriched our language with romantic sayings, love proverbs, and passionate rhetoric. Even today, lovers use love quotes from classics to woo their sweetheart. Love in the Age of Instant Communication In the age of text messaging and Internet messengers,  love messages have to be bite-sized. Flowing poetry with flowery words is passà ©. Speed overrides melodrama. Your lover is just one-click away from you. So dont waste your time writing paeans of love. Make an impact with short love quotes. Instead of drumming up a climax, come straight to the point without much fanfare. Older Couples and Love Many people associate  cute love with the young generation. They believe that as you grow older, you feel less romantic. However, a large number of older couples have claimed that they often speak romantic gibberish to their partner. Older couples also enjoy cute words of love. During wedding anniversaries and birthdays, many old couples indulge in cute-talk, reminiscing their golden youth. The magic of a sweet love quote captures the heart of the young and the old alike. You are never too old, too mature, too classy, or too busy to say I love you. With every word, you weave an intricate web of happiness and create memories of togetherness. These memories help seal the deal. It is easy to unwittingly blurt out a harsh word. However, it is much easier to serenade your dearest with passionate and sweet words. Dr. Seuss You know you are in love when you cant fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams. Rosemonde Gerard For, you see, each day I love you more, Today more than yesterday and less than tomorrow. Heraclitus Couples are wholes and not wholes, what agrees disagrees, the concordant is discordant. From all things one and from one all things. Jean RostandA married couple are well suited when both partners usually feel the need for a quarrel at the same time. Alexander Smith Love is but the discovery of ourselves in others, and the delight in the recognition. Keanu Reeves Falling in love and having a relationship are two different things. Barbara Johnson Never let a problem to be solved become more important than a person to be loved. Amy Grant Every good relationship, especially marriage, is based on respect. If its not based on respect, nothing that appears to be good will last very long. Joseph Barth Marriage is our last, best chance to grow up. John Fischer The success of marriage comes not in finding the â€Å"right† person, but in the ability of both partners to adjust to the real person they inevitably realize they married. George Eliot What greater thing is there for two human souls than to feel that they are joined for life – to strengthen each other in all labor, to rest on each other in all sorrow, to minister to each other in all pain, to be one with each other in silent, unspeakable memories at the moment of the last parting. Earl Wilson This would be a much better world if more married couples were as deeply in love as they are in debt. Stephen Levine If you were going to die soon and had only one phone call you could make, who would you call and what would you say? And why are you waiting? Melissa Bean Married couples who work together to build and maintain a business assume broad responsibilities. Not only is their work important to our local and national economies, but their success is central to the well-being of their families. Robert Brault For lack of an occasional expression of love, a relationship strong at the seams can wear thin in the middle. Nicholas Sparks, At First Sight Every couple has ups and downs, every couple argues, and that’s the thing -- you’re a couple, and couples can’t function without trust. Lenny Bruce Guys are like dogs. They keep comin back. Ladies are like cats. Yell at a cat one time, theyre gone. Joseph F. Newton People are lonely because they build walls instead of bridges. Julie Marie Love is the best medicine, and there is more than enough to go around once you open your heart. Elizabeth Bowen When you love someone, all your saved-up wishes start coming out. Never close your lips to those whom you have opened your heart. William Shakespeare Men have died from time to time, and worms have eaten them, but not for love. W. H. Auden Among those whom I like or admire, I can find no common denominator, but among those whom I love, I can: all of them make me laugh. Alfred, Lord Tennyson Sweet is true love that is given in vain, and sweet is death that takes away pain. Ryan Gosling, The Notebook So it’s not gonna be easy. It’s gonna be really hard. We’re gonna have to work at this every day, but I want to do that because I want you. I want all of you, forever, you and me, every day. Margaret Mitchell, Gone with the Wind No, I don’t think I will kiss you, although you need kissing, badly. That’s what’s wrong with you. You should be kissed and often, and by someone who knows how. Hugh Grant, Sense and Sensibility My heart is, and always will be, yours. Tom Hanks, Sleepless In Seattle It was a million tiny little things that, when you added them all up, they meant we were supposed to be together†¦ and I knew it. Julia Roberts, Notting Hill Don’t forget I’m just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her. Jennifer Gray, Dirty Dancing ï » ¿I’m scared of walking out of this room and never feeling the rest of my whole life the way I feel when I’m with you.

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The Depositional Environment, Petrology, Mineralogy,...

The purpose of this paper is to explain the depositional environment, petrology, mineralogy, structure, exploration, technology, methods of extraction and processing, as well as the applications and economics of oil in the Greater Green River Basin. This paper will mainly focus on the oil shale within the basin but will also touch on some of the more conventional oil and gas plays as well. According to Crawford and Killen (2010), Oil Shale is defined as being â€Å"a sedimentary rock embedded with organic material called kerogen†¦ and has not been under the necessary heat, pressure, and/or depth for the right length of time to form crude oil†. Oil shale is typically found in silica and carbonate based rocks that are usually no greater than 900†¦show more content†¦With the United States current demand for oil at roughly 20 million barrels per day, this resource could potential last for another 400 years. These types of numbers suggest that if low-cost production methods can be developed and used effectively to recover the oil, the economic benefits would be great. In the following paper I intend to give clear and succinct information on how oil shale was deposited in the Greater Green River Basin, what it is made of, what was the maturation history of the shale, how the oil is recovered from very impermeable sedimentary units, how economics will play a role in its future as a reliable energy source, as well as the environmental impact of oil production in the basin. Structure of the Greater Green River Basin The Greater Green River Basin is a basin located in Wyoming, Colorado, and Utah. The mountains that surround the basin are the Wind River Mountains and Granite Mountains (Sweetwater Arch) to the north, the Uinta Mountains to the south, the Wyoming thrust belt to the west, and the Sierra Madre Mountains and the Rawlins Uplift to the East. The Great Green River Basin is further subdivided into sub-basins as mentioned earlier by intrabasinal anticlines. The largest anticline occupies the central portion of the basin and nearly separates the basin into equal east and west segments. There are also several other anticlinal

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Econ extra credit Free Essays

The family constellation, or structure of the family, the relationships within the family, and the characteristics of the individual children all impact sibling relationships. Family constellation refers to the number and sex of the adults and children including the birth order, type of relationship (biological, adopted, stepparent or sibling), age, and spacing of the children. Although all relationships in the family are important, the parent-child relationships have the greatest impact on sibling relationships. We will write a custom essay sample on Econ extra credit or any similar topic only for you Order Now Individual differences among siblings also impact their relationships. When children are younger, temperament is important in sibling relationships but for older children, relationships are influenced by their personality and social and cognitive skills. Family life varies greatly and many factors influence the outcome for children. Birth Order The relationship between birth order and an individual’s personality has been debated since Alfred Adler (1928) described specific characteristics of children according to their birth order. He also coined the phrase â€Å"sibling rivalry. Although a number of factors affect the outcomes for children, many authorities believe that hildren’s birth order plays a special role in their destiny. Firstborn Children Firstborn children, who are often surrogates for their parents as caregivers, teachers, and models, enjoy a greater status/power position in relationship to their younger siblings. This difference becomes more pronounced as the age gap increases for at least up to four years. In children’s eyes, status/power is conferred most heavily on the eldest son (Furman and Buhremester, 1985). Older girls are more often good teachers and nurturers for younger children (Cirirelli, 1972). Older boys, on the other and, tend to be better stimulators and models (Cirirelli, 1972). The oldest sibling feels more rivalry over the birth of the second child than other birth orders do toward a new baby. This is because the firstborn has had the full attention of parents and now has to share their affections. The adverse effects of this dethronement can be modified if parents prepare the older child for the changes and give her or him special attention after the new baby arrives. In this case, the older sibling often becomes protective of the new family member (Adler, 1928; Teti, Sakin, Kucera, Corns, and Eiden, 1996). Firstborn children tend to have distinct personality traits. Many studies depict these children as more adultlike, achievement-oriented, verbal, conservative, controlling of subordinates, and displaying a higher self-concept, but more anxious and less popular with peers than children born later (Lahey, Hammer, Crumrine, and Forehand, 1980; ZaJonc, 1983). Success seems to fit firstborn children. Many firstborns show leadership qualities. Alfred Adler said firstborns were in a to be more clever (1928). In studies as early as Galton’s English Men of Science (1874), disproportionate numbers of firstborns have achieved eminence. A higher percentage of firstborn children have become scientists, professors, presidents, Rhodes scholars, and astronauts. More firstborns have been finalists in the National Merit Scholarship tests compared to any other birth order (Muzi, 2000). This advantage may be explained by the fact that firstborns have only adults for language models and social interactions in the most formative period while their siblings are influenced by their predecessors in the family. Only Children It is not surprising that only children have many of the characteristics of firstborns with siblings (Falbo and Polit, 1986). Their relationship tc their parents is similar and both are responsive to adults. Parents provide an adul† intellectual environment for these children. In the case of the only child, this environment remains unchanged by the presence of younger children. Although both groups surpass other birth orders in intellectual and academic achievements, only children, as a group, score higher than other firstborns. They also complete about three additional years of schooling, achieve higher occupational prestige, and earn more money than firstborn children with siblings (Blake, 1989; Falbo, 1984; Falbo and Polit, 1986). However, a study on birth order by Steelman and Powell (1985) shows no correlation between birth order and academic success. Only children miss the experiences of sibling relationships and of having to share their parents with siblings. However, the stereotype of only children as more lonely, selfish, spoiled, and maladjusted than children with siblings is not true. A study of only children placed them into three groups. Some were normal and well adjusted, others were impulsive and acting out, and others were similar to the stereotype of only children (Rosenberg and Hyde, 1993). Middle Children Middle children are more sociable and harder to classify than the firstborns. They are sometimes called the â€Å"overlooked child. † It is more difficult to be the middle child when all siblings are of the same gender. If second-born children are closer in age to the oldest, they tend to take on some of these characteristics. This is especially true when the second-born is the oldest girl in a large family. On the other hand, middle children tend to be less adaptive to parental values, perhaps because they want to avoid competition with the older child. Because firstborn children mirror their arents in searching for their identity, middle children turn to peers, often adopting some of their values. In contrast to the first-born the middle child may be more friendly, cheerful, placid, and less studious with lower self-esteem. According to Adler (1928), the middle child is ambitious, rebellious, envious, and better adjusted than either the first born or the youngest child. Youngest Child When growing up, the youngest child is smaller, weaker, less knowledgeable, and less competent compared to older siblings, and often turns to attention-seeking. At a very arly age, the youngest are more outgoing, exploring toys, making responses to people, and initiating more play with strangers. Youngest children are significantly more successful socially than other birth orders (Steelman and Powell, 1985). The younger or youngest sibling is more dependent on others for help. Their dependency, however, deprives them of status/power and may lower their self- Most children are born within two or three years of the last sibling’s birth (Dunn; 1995). Spacing of less than two years or five or more years is beneficial for the child’s adjustment to a new sibling (Dunn, 1995; Tet’, et al. 1996). A child under age two cannot realize all the implications of another sibling to their special position. In addition, young children closely spaced spend more time together than with their parents during these years and learn to understand each other intimately Gaffe, 1997). After age two, resentment and rivalry increase until children reach age five or six. By this time their world outside the family has expanded and they are better able to cope with and/ or avoid some of these feelings (Dunn, 1995). All children, including the newborn, benefit from larger intervals between births. Parents have time to give them more individual attention. Age differences, gender, and the ages of children in the family account for differences in the quality of their sibling relationships. Younger siblings admire most their siblings who are four or more years older. As already mentioned, the warmth-closeness characteristic appears greater between same-gender siblings and increases with the closeness of their ages. (Furman and Buhremester, 1985). On the other hand, conflict and competition are also more intense when siblings are close in age and, particularly, the same gender. Sibling ivalry is most intense in the early years and diminishes, at least on the conscious level, as siblings approach maturity. Family Size There are differences in growing up in a small family (one or two children) as opposed to a large family (over four children). The larger the family, the greater is the number of relationships for a child to experience, which can be enriching or frustrating or both. Discipline in large families is more rule oriented, less individualized and there is more corporal punishment (Wagner, Schubert, and Schubert, 1985). Children in small families have fewer experiences in relationships ut do have more individual time with their parents. According to some studies, they also have slightly higher test scores, more schooling, and achieve more academically and in their occupation than children from large families (Blake, 1989; Hauser and Sewell, 1985). Parent-Child Relationships The quality of the relationship between each child and parent and between parents affects the sibling relationships. Parents who are constructively responsive to their children foster good feelings and cooperative behavior among their children (Furman, 1995; Bryant and Crockenberg, 1980). In homes where fathers are affectionate and helpful there are more positive sibling interactions. On the other hand, conflict between mother and each child is associated with increased sibling conflicts (Volling and Belsky,J. 1992). The child’s temperament, sex, health, or hereditary traits also affect sibling relationships. Parents sometimes understand one child better than another. The child’s temperament gender, health, or hereditary traits affect this relationship. When children perceive parental partiality, it increases feelings of competition, conflict, and Jealousy among siblings. Most children believe that their parent has a favorite child, which may not be true (Zervas and Sherman, 1994). Sibling rivalry is a normal emotion growing out of the need to share biological and affectional ties of the two most important people in a child’s world, his or her parents. When a baby comes along, a child’s world changes greatly. How to cite Econ extra credit, Papers

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Smart Technology Neighborhood Of Auckland †Myassignmenthelp.Com

Question: Discuss About The Smart Technology Neighborhood Of Auckland? Answer: Introducation In the recent years, the concept of the smart technology has come forth especially for the urban planning and the design (Amoore, Marmura Salter, 2002). Currently, the cities are facing complex challenges to enable them meet the objective regarding the socio-economic development and the quality of life. The number of individuals who are inhabiting the urban areas have been in constant increase (Ekanayake, Jenkins, Liyanage, Wu Yokoyama, 2012). It is predicted that until the year 2050 the proportion of the individual who are living in the cities would likely change from 53% to around 70%. Having an unequivocal as well as transparent urban planning should be foundation of the smart cities functioning in Auckland. The smart cities have been presently one of the common and most popular ideas. The concept of the smart technologies in the urban design embraces various definition which depends on the meaning of the word smart intelligent city, ubiquitous city, or the digital city (Ekanayake, Jenkins, Liyanage, Wu Yokoyama, 2012). There are many definition of the smart city which exists but none have been universally acknowledged. Based on the literature it has emerged that the smart city and the digital city have been the most terminologies which have indicated on the use of the smart technologies for the design of the urban setting. The use of the smart technologies in the urban planning and the design have been the conceptual aspect when it comes to the urban development model which is based on the utilization of the human, collective as well as the technological capital which is required in the enhancement of the development as well as prosperity in the urban agglomerations. Where is there is a digital city it is substantively an open, complex as well as adaptive system that is based on the computer network as well as the urban information resources that are able to form virtual digital space for the city (Kinder, 2000). The use of the smart technologies is useful since it creates an information service marketplace as well as the information resource deployment center. The ideas of the use of the smart technologies in the urban planning and the design is the result or the development of the information and the communication technologies which contributes to the redefinition of the aspect of the natural region (Kinder, 2000). To be more specific where there is a smart city, it is due to result of the new, and innovative idea in regards to the city and the urban life which is more pleasant, more inclusive as well as greener and cleaner (Kinder, 2000). It is observed that many of the national or the international government, or the institution finances the concept of the smart technologies in the urban planning and the design since they suggest it is the answer to the city sustainable development (Haines, Mitchell, Cooper Maguire, 2007). The use of this technology is seen has the key strategy in the improvement of the quality of the life of the billions of individuals who are living in the cities across the world. Ellerslie suburb in Auckland The resident to which I dwell in is Ellerslie that is a neighborhood in Auckland. In this area there are various needs that have arisen in relation to the urban services and the built environment (Haines, Mitchell, Cooper Maguire, 2007). Some of these needs have caused problem especially in this urban areas, below are some of these needs and issues which relates to the area I live in. This is an issue which that has affected the neighborhood for a very long time. There is a need for a housing policy which can help individuals to stay in their homes, as well as prevent on the foreclosure along with the help of those individuals with the mortgages (Komninos, Pallot Schaffers, 2013). The neighborhood do not have appropriate housing facilities to the individuals who live there, any improvement of such infrastructure would be significant towards the improvement on the lives of the residents (Haines, Mitchell, Cooper Maguire, 2007). The adverse effect of the limited housing space is based on the law of the supply and demand, where when the demand for the housing is high and the supply for such is low, the cost for obtaining the residential space would increase thereby, which has constrained the poorer segment of the society to be able to avail of the decent housing (Lay, 2013). As a result many individuals have been forced to locate themselves in areas which they are able to afford or perhaps squat in the areas which they do not belong (Ekanayake, Jenkins, Liyanage, Wu Yokoyama, 2012). Over the years this has resulted to proliferation of the informal settlers and often some time they are being pushed to build their residences in the environmentally critical places, where the living conditions are not ideal, or perhaps safe. These people have become vulnerable in many respect since they are exposed to greater risks. Figure 1: The diagram shows how the housing facilities are poor and pollution to the environment. Health care This is a major requirement for the residents in this suburb as most of the individual lack proper health care. There is need to fights against all the attempts to repeal the historic gains (Zannetti, 2013). The cost of the health care has remained high which has resulted too few accessing of the service (Haines, Mitchell, Cooper Maguire, 2007). Development of innovative ways could help improve on the health outcome of the residents in the neighborhood (Zahran, 2013). Moreover, there is need to have a preventive care in order to reduce on the chronic diseases such as the diabetes and asthma. Education This is also an important needs to the resident in this suburb (Haines, Mitchell, Cooper Maguire, 2007). There could be improvement of the education whereby the government as well as other institution to help even build on the school. As a result of the high population rate in this urban setup the number of the school that are available are not able to accommodate the number of children who want to get this facility (Haines, Mitchell, Cooper Maguire, 2007). Moreover, the cost of education is high and some are not able to meet on the amount required to take the children to school as the fees are very high. Crime and public safety Over the decade the world has experienced unprecedented increase to urbanization. This has resulted in many individuals migrating to the urban areas to search for better opportunities (Ma, Chen, Wang, Yan, Liu, Yang Lelieveld, 2010). In the cities there have been high rates of unemployment which has contributed too many individuals engaging in criminal activities (Amoore, Marmura Salter, 2002). The resident which I live in has also in the past and also now being terrorized by these criminals who come and steal from the resident (Komninos, Pallot Schaffers, 2013). This is one of the major issue which the residents needs to be resolved. Many hardworking individuals are losing their valuable property to the hands of the criminals. The resident are affected negatively by these individuals and the resident demand safety in the area. Environment needs to correct from the residents that have caused air pollution The resident want the factories to reduce the use of the fossils and chemical use. In Ellerslie there are various factors which are in the area for the production of different goods (Piotrowski, Peralta Jimnez-Redondo, Matusiak, Zieli?ski, Casaca Kowalski, J. (2014). These organization burn fossil fuels which releases on the gases as well as the chemical into the air (Amoore, Marmura Salter, 2002). The air pollution in form of the carbon dioxide as well as the methane raises on the temperature of the earth. There is another type of air pollution which is worsened as a result of the increased of this heat (Komninos, Pallot Schaffers, 2013). There are smog which are formed when the weather has become warm and there are more ultraviolet radiation. The effects of these chemicals leads to climate change which in turn increases on the production of the allergenic air pollutants which include mold (Amoore, Marmura Salter, 2002). This pollution could lead to the severe health risks even when they are in small amounts. The individuals want the government to implement new policies so that these organization do not emit these gases to the atmosphere. Figure 2: The diagram shows how the factories are emitting gases to environment. Solution to the problem which are raised. In this research the main focus has how the smart technologies especially in the urban planning and design could be used in addressing the air pollution issue since it is an adamant issues in environment in Ellerslie neighborhood (Stern, 2014). In my neighborhood there are been environment aspect which has led to the air pollution and these needs to be addressed. One way to address on the issue of the air pollution the government could take some measure to be able to limit on the emission of the carbon dioxide as well as other greenhouse gases (Komninos, Pallot Schaffers, 2013). The government could borrow example of the Paris agreement where there was a voluntary agreement among various countries in an effort to enact a global scale to be able to combat on the climate change (Jacobson, 2009). The government could be part of such an agreement so that to take measure in combating of the climate change, whose ultimate goal post-industrial the global temperature rise below the 2 degree Celsius (Komninos, Pallot Schaffers, 2013). When the government take such measure I believe my neighborhood would benefit greatly as these factories would not emit a lot. Moreover, to curb the air pollution would be put the taxes on the carbon dioxide emissions or perhaps higher taxes on the gasoline to enable the people as well as the organization to have a muc h greater incentive to be able to conserve the energy and they pollute less (Jacobson, 2009). Using the smart technologies such as CristalACTiV Titanium Dioxide could help curb the emission of the pollutants during the combustions in my neighborhood. There are system which are available to use in order to reduce NOx as well as the diesel particulate matter from the tailpipe emissions (Jacobson, 2009). When it comes to the housing issues there could be planning of the new urban structure (Zakaria Yang, 2004). The suburb could contribute to their sustainable development through setting of the building which have a low energy consumption, diverse land use as well as the level of the construction which offer economic provision through use of heating and the cooling services and the waste disposal (Komninos, Pallot Schaffers, 2013). Based on these system one is able to utilize the technology of the ultrafine titanium dioxide when it comes to the similar fashion to the power plants (Stip Rialle, 2005). Additionally, using the TiO2 catalyst technology, it would be much possible t o introduce on the materials into the wide range for the construction materials, which include the concrete, membrane, coating as well as the glass thus becoming part of the local smart solution. The use of the CristalACTiV utilizes the suns energy in breaking down of the pollutants (Jacobson, 2009). Therefore, in this way each one of us plays a role in improving on the quality of the air. It is through the broad implementation of the CristalACTiV technology would a neighborhood could be cleaned itself a great percent of its pollution, as the surface which is exposed to the atmosphere removes on the pollution out of air. Another way of reducing of the air pollution would be through green infrastructure in the suburb which is an urban planning solution which is used for improving on the air quality along with enhancing the sustainability of the neighborhood for the growing population (Jacobson, 2009). These green solutions include the street trees, the barriers of the vegetations which include the hedges, the green walls as well as the roofs (Jacobson, 2009). These elements acts as the porous bodies that influences on the local dispersion of the pollution and they help to aid the deposition as well as the removal of the airborne pollutants which helps to make the air clean. Conclusion The comprehensive reviews of the trees as well as the hedges along with the other green infrastructure could be used strategically in helping in the creation of the healthier and loss polluted suburb which is more pleasant to every individuals to live as well as work. In this report it has highlighted first on what the smart technologies are and their usage to the urban planning and the design. Additionally, the report has focused on some of the needs of the resident in Ellerslie in Auckland as well as some of the environment factors which affect air pollution and its solutions. References Amoore, L., Marmura, S., Salter, M. B. (2002). Smart borders and mobilities: Spaces, zones,enclosures. Surveillance Society, 5(2). Ekanayake, J. B., Jenkins, N., Liyanage, K., Wu, J., Yokoyama, A. (2012). Smart grid:technology and applications. John Wiley Sons. Haines, V., Mitchell, V., Cooper, C., Maguire, M. (2007). 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